Health Fair 2018 Speakers

Dr. Roger Wong 黃耀明 醫生
Dr. Siu Him Chan 陳兆謙 醫生
Dr. Henry Tran 陳漢兒
Dr. Peter Kwan 關永鏘 醫生
Dr. Simon Huang 黃憲綱 醫生 
Dr.Anthony Cheung 張秉賢
Dr. Xia Wang 汪霞 醫生
Mengdi Xia, RD
Dr. Yue Wang 王悦医生 
Dr. Jean Chuo 卓盈君醫生

Health Fair 2017 Speakers

Dr. Roger Wong 黃耀明 醫生

Dr. Peter Kwan 關永鏘 醫生

Ellen Woo, Physiotherapist 胡李麗明 物理治療師

Dr. Stephen Lam 醫生
Dr. Katherine Chow 醫生
Dr. Phoebe Tsang 曾煒茵 醫生

Winnie Cheng 鄭吳慧靈

Dr. Youwen Zhou 周幼文醫生

Dr. Xia Wang 王霞 醫生

Dr.Jen Yu余真醫生
Dr. Jean Chuo 卓盈君 醫生

Dr. Jim Chen 陳錫俊 醫生

Dr. Siu Him Chan 陳兆謙 醫生

Dr. Simon Huang 黃憲綱 醫生 

Health Fair 2016 Speakers

Cantonese Lectures    
Time Topic Speaker
10:00-10:45 am Atrial Fibrillation & Irregular Heartbeat 心房顫動與心律不整 Dr. Wilson Lee 李威信醫生
10:45-11:30am Everyday Brain Boosters 營食抗衰“腦” Jo Jo Wang, Registered Dietitian 汪棗兒, 註冊營養師
11:30-12:25pm Opening Ceremony 開幕典禮  
12:30-1:15pm Teeth:your gateway to optimum health 牙齒:健康把關人 Dr. K.K. Wan  溫建功醫生
1:15-2:00pm Respiratory Illness 呼吸道疾病 Dr. Susan Kwan 關玉蓮醫生
2:00-2:45pm Coronary Artery Disease 心血管疾病 Dr. Michael Tsang 曾彥彰醫生
2:45-3:30pm Rhumatological Diseases 常見風濕關節疾病 Dr. Simon Huang  黃憲綱醫生
3:30pm - 4:15pm Understanding Hepatitis 認識肝炎 Dr. Peter Kwan 關永鏘醫生
Mandarin Lectures    
Time  Topic  Speaker
10:00-10:45 am Geriatric Gynaecology 老年婦科疾病須知 Dr. Jenny Wang 王建渝醫生
10:45-11:30am Cardiovascular Diseases 心血管疾病 Dr. Jen Yu 余真醫生
11:30-12:25pm Opening Ceremony 開幕典禮  
12:30-1:15pm Ophthalmological Conditions for Seniors 長者眼科症狀 Dr. Jean Chuo 卓盈君醫生
1:15-2:00pm OTC Medication for Seniors 長者常用非處方藥物 Tian Zhang, Pharmacist 張田注冊藥劑師
2:00-2:45pm Your Child's Dental Health 兒童牙齒健康保育   Dr. Angel Chen 陳玉琪醫生
2:45-3:30pm Understanding Diabetes 認識糖尿病 Dr. Jane Wu 吳佳醫生

Health Fair 2015 Speakers

Dr. Tony Wong


Dr. Jen Yu (slide show)


Dr. Nelson Hui


Dr. Jenny Wang


Dr. Jane Wu


Joanne Hui


Dr. Susan Kwan


Dr. Hin Hin Ko


Dr. Tigerson Young


Dr. Roger Wong


Dr. Samson Ng


Dr. Simon Huang


Health Fair 2014 Speakers

Cantonese Lecture Speakers:

(1) Dr. Peter Kwan, Gestroenterology

(2) Dr. Hin Hin Ko, Gastroenterology, Hepatology  

(3) Dr. Edward Tam, Hepatology, Internal Medicine

(4) Dr. Eric Yoshida, Gastrotenterology

(5) Dr. K. K. Wan, Dentist

(6) Jo Jo Wang, Registered Dietitian 

Mandarin Lecture Speakers:

(1) Dr. Jenny Wang, Gynecology

(2) Dr. Jen Yu, Internal Medicine

(3) Dr. Collin Yong

(4) Dr. Eric Yoshida and Resident, Gastroenterology

(5) Dr. Angel Chen, Dentist

(6) Shirley    , Pharmacist

Health Fair 2013 Speakers

Cantonese Lecture Speakers:

(1)  Dr. Heywood Choi, How to Control High Blood Sugar
(2)  Dr. George Lam, Diabetic Kidney Disease
(3)  Dr. Samson Ng, Prevention of Common Oral Diseases

Mandarin Lecture Speakers:

(1)  Dr. Kwang Yang, Diabetes is the Source of Many Diseases
(2)  Dr. Steve Ma, Diabetes and Eye Care
(3)  Dr. Jim Chen, Dental Connection to Diabetes and Heart Disease 

iCON Chinese Health Forum Speakers:

Dr. Kendall Ho: eHEALTH
Dr. C P Lau:  New hopes for Diabetes treatment & the story of insulin
Dr. Tigerson Young:  Managing the emotional toll of diabetes
Laura Ng, Registered Nurse, Diabetes Educator: Living with Diabetes: Managing Daily Living
Jo Jo Wang, Registered Dietitian: Healthy Eating and Nutrition


Health Fair 2012 Speakers

Cantonese Speakers:

(1)  Dr. Simon Yu:  Cancer Prevention:  Role of Diet and Exercise
(2)  Dr. Ian Tsang, Dr. Simon Huang and Dr. Linda Li:  How to Co-exist with Arthritis
(3)  Dr. Chris Man:  How to Avoid Common Ear Nose Throat Problems in Everyday Life
(4)  Dr. Hin Hin Ko:  environmental influences on the gastrointestinal tract/liver
(5)  Dr. Edmond Chan:  environmental changes and allergies/asthma

Mandarin Speakers:

(1)  Dr. Jian Ye and Dr Jen Yu Coronary Artery Disease.
(2)  Dr. Xin Yong Wang:  Do Bugs Need Drugs?
(3)  Dr. Rachel Jen::  Occupational Lung Disease
(4)  Dr. Joanne Jia:  Eczema and the Environment in Children
(5)  Dr. Jenny Wang:  How to Prevent Women's Cancers


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